Jul 23, 2013

A Guide to "LonelyHood".

I am Socially Awkward! Nothing new there... So how do you live a life with just a tolerable amount of interaction with other Humans? This post is a quick look at how one could engage into "LonelyHood".

Notice that I did not say loneliness, which is known as a psychological condition of constantly feeling alone and sad, even when hanging out with others. 

No! I define "LonelyHood" as a way of life, fulfilled and complete without dealing with Hell (you know, other people! Check out J.P. Sartre's No Exit): Forever Happy, Forever Alone!

Now that I hope we understand each other on the terminology, let's get to it.

1. Entertainment: Contrary to popular belief, going to the movie theater by yourself is not a sacrilege. Actually, if the reason is really to watch a movie, the only difference when with company, is that you get to comment about it at the end. The silence during the actual showing is the same. I do not understand the outrage over watching a movie alone! It was pretty common in past decades, but is considered anti-social now. This also applies to the stage theater. Obviously if you are into books, there is nothing like sitting on a couch and devouring a few pages; unless you watch a lot of TV like I do. Museums and public landmarks are also good friends for a "LoneAttitude".

2. Food and Well-being: You shall eat, with people or not... So why not alone? Home-cooked meals are probably the best way to do it! If not your thing, you can always get a delivery or pick-up. However if you feel like experiencing the ambiance of an actual restaurant, a restaurant-bar is definitely the way to go. Sit at the bar area, get some food and top that with your favorite beer or wine, and Voila! As long as you run away from fast and/or pre-processed food, there shouldn't be a problem. After all that food, go for a walk, a run, at the gym or whatever physical activity you can tolerate.

3. Travel: I personally never attempted this, but it's on my list and I've heard wonders about this experience. Travel all by yourself; Pack a bag, choose a destination with the items above, with a touristic outlook geared towards your interests (museums, parks, famous locations, broadway, etc...). Granted, it involves a little more spending and planning, but I'm convinced it will be well worth it.  

4. Do Nothing: This is my favorite. Sit or lay somewhere, outside if the weather permits and stare at the void for an hour. Add some music that you like if you are so inclined. It's bliss!

There are a lot more things like the above that can be applied. There are some obvious limitations. Do not do the following, in any circumstances:

    -  Get Drunk Alone: That's how you become an alcoholic!
    -  Bar, Club, Parties Alone: By design, these are meant for socializing. You will feel miserable!
    -  Indoor Concerts or live band (unless its outdoor lawn type of event, or you are REALLy a big fan).
    -  Stay indoors and Not communicate to people: A minimum of human interaction is required, just for your sanity and good measure. Don't stay for weeks in the basement watching movies and browsing the Internet. Go shoot some ball, run or sunbathe.

In Hindsight, this post is just Sad! Stay Alone my friends!

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