Feb 24, 2013

The Burden of Humility

I don't like when people sing my praises. I would hate being nominated for an academy award or being recognized in front of a large crowd (or any crowd for that matter). To avoid these situations, I tend to under perform, under appreciate my own strengths while heightening my weaknesses. Some people call this being humble, I say its what an insecure and scared little brat with psychological issues would do (wow, went a little strong there...).

Anyway, my concern with humility is the fact that the subject is more often than not, aware that he is skilled and deserves recognition. Although taking humble stances seem noble, I recently learned that there is an inherent desire/ need (at least for me), for other parties to be aware of the skill. In some cases, it can turn into an obsession. The result is not pretty, borderline nightmarish: illusions of grandeur coupled with "humility".

Solution: "Redde Caesari quae sunt Caesaris.". When truly deserved, no humility at all. Advertise your successes and insist on getting credit for  your efforts. However, failures should be treated the same way: acknowledgement and honesty. 

Well, this post doesn't make much sense... Lesson of the day: Don't blog when you have been abruptly taken off of your pedestal and brought back to Earth! Unless you are Mark Zuckerberg :).

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