Jul 25, 2012

Justice and Black

Apartheid, segregation, racism, affirmative action, civil rights movement, "sans-papiers" in France, etc... Strong phrases and expressions linked in a way or another to the (just or unjust ??) treatment some people receive because of certain physical traits. What course of action to take to eradicate these? Why can't we all just get along?

After following the long and tiring Health Care a.k.a. Obamacare feud over the past year or so and following the recent US supreme court decision to uphold the controversial law, I have been looking a little bit into this not so public branch of the US government: The Judiciary.  
My investigation led me straight to one of the 9 most powerful people of that branch: Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the USA. He is the second black man in that position after the beloved Thurgood Marshall, and because of his very strong conservative beliefs and rulings, he is portrayed by many in the African-American community as a traitor or at least a hypocrite because he is in favor of striking down many of the laws that create governmental programs to help minorities, some of which he might have profited himself to get to the top of the chain.

Personally, I disagree with him on many issues, but I can't help acquiescing to his idea that minorities (Black, Hispanic, Women, etc...) cannot possibly keep fighting for their God-given right to be considered at the exact same level as the corresponding majority and then insist on having special treatment policies based on the fact that they are different. 
For example, Justice Thomas argues that preferential treatment under the pretense of affirmative action or equal opportunity employment/admission will build "a cult of victimization", i.e. it implies that minorities REQUIRE special treatment to succeed. I feel uneasy every time I hear the argument that affirmative action should be in place to repay for the historical discrimination. Do not get me wrong, I am not against it, I just believe a better argument could be presented, such as the fact that statistics have demonstrated that individuals from minority groups tend to excel when given the opportunity, especially those from a more or less poor background, it's a fact.

We could probably debate some of these ideas, but it doesn't underplay the fact that Justice Thomas is one of the most important figures of contemporary history and definitely a man worth knowing. Check out his interview on 60 minutes.


  1. I like your perspective on affirmative action....!!

  2. Interesting doc. What I can keep from this video is that Clarence Thomas will not help nor favor black people just because they're black like him and are considred victims of slaves and injustice. His principles are based on what's right and just, not on personal feelings. Even though he does have personal feelings. I agree with him on that. Black people should stand up for themselves and drive themselves to success by seeking education and knowledge. They should thrive for success and stop being acting as victims. True that injustice exists for Black , Spanish and Women in the United States . They are and will always be treated differently. It is a fact .Therefore they shouldn't sit there and wait for things to be changed or be content with being victims and waiting on the government to help because they can succeed.I did not know about this man but he inspires.
    Religious beliefs is a part of what people can't get along. It is sad but definitely a shame because it wasn't God purpose to have his people teared apart because of religious beliefs when he created the earth and us in it. Unfortunately it is beyond us to understand or eradicate these differences or conflicts in the world.
    Thanks for sharing..and again...I hope I didn't over commented. ;)
    Ms Milian Xoxo


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