Mar 11, 2011

A sad first post!!

Well, My first post is related to a sad, sad situation.
A gigantic 8.9 magnitude earthquake is currently hitting Japan (a country I am very found of...) and can escalate to cause a tsunami. The east cost of Honshu-Japan is under siege and reports say there are already hundreds in human casualties and "tremendous damage" (from Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan). My thoughts go to the suffering population.
This and similar situations make me wonder about earthquakes (and other natural disasters) early detection techniques. First, let me mention that I do not know much about it, but from what I read, there are some precursory signs before they happen. Earthquakes for example, are manifested through energy waves that can be accurately detected. Apparently, our current GPS satellites already have the technology to record magnetic fields and electromagnetic waves; they just need to be tailored to monitor tectonic movements. If implemented, they could provide warnings as early as weeks before the occurrence of the disaster.
This "will provide the key element in a fight against earthquakes and tsunamis: TIME" (Source).

If only there was an industry already investing money in satellites to help out. Oh....wait are we talking GPS satellites? like the ones that we use when we drive?
You are right, the car industry is already in this business. I can hear it from here: " Yo Ernest, they already make efforts to ensure that your vehicle can roll on broken roads when there is an earthquake!" Oh well, they wouldn't need to do that much if we can tell the people to drive on the nice road and get away weeks beforehand.
All I am suggesting is, the car companies could be generous and give out some cash (maybe they already do, I don't know), so we could know in early December 2011 if 2012 will be the end of the world :).

And to the Japanese population: Watashi wa watashi no inori de tamotsu!!!

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