Mar 14, 2011

I'm in love with Zach Galifianakis!!!

There I said it :)

 After my previous post on the terrible tsunami/earthquake in Japan (update in 3 words: nuclear power plants), I am writing on something less sad, more hopeful, less stressful.
This guy on the left has the power to make me scream with laughter. I can't decide whether he is stupid or very smart; maybe he is stupidly smart or smartly stupid. His punchlines are dumb but brilliant.
Yes i know, I'm babbling...... Oh common, this is funny: "The only time it's good to yell out I HAVE DIARRHEA, it's when you are playing scrabble.........Because it's worth a crap load of points!!! ", taken from the best SNL monologue ever (Source).

So yeah, since Hangover, just looking at him make me burst into tears....

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  1. very interesting when u mention scrabble , did u know play ???


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